Tom Evans Real Estate in Jackson Hole Compass

Jackson Hole Compass is the brain child of Jonathan Schechter, Jackson’s leading economist and purveyor of data, graphs and statistics.   Each year, the Jackson Hole Compass presents a comprehensive overview of the Jackson Hole community elaborating on topics such as the economy, demographics, politics and philanthropy.

If you are in need of real estate statistics, market reports, and other data to better understand the local Jackson Hole real estate market, contact Tom Evans Real Estate.   Tom’s 26+ years of experience in the Jackson Hole real estate market make him the go-to person for the ins and outs of the local market activity.  Tom’s expertise ranges from commercial properties to residential, from vacant sites to farm & ranch and spans all segments of the market, from affordable to the very high end luxury properties and extensive ranch estates.


Tom Evans Real Estate in Jackson Hole Compass 2013