Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Jackson

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Perhaps you know a little about what life in Jackson is like, and you’re wondering if the area is the best fit for you. There’s a lot to like about living in Jackson, but it’s not the right location for everyone. In this article, we’ll give an honest assessment of what it’s like to live in the Jackson area. You can use this information to decide if Jackson is the place that you want to call home.

Pros of living in Jackson

The scenery is breathtaking

This is a primary reason why many people choose to move to Jackson. The undisturbed natural beauty is simply incredible. Most people can only imagine living close to amazing locations such as Grand Teton National Park, the Snake River, and Soda Lake. You’ll never run out of new locations to explore and spots to hike, fish, and camp. You’ll also regularly see wildlife, including moose, roaming through the countryside.

You won’t have to pay any income taxes

As a state, Wyoming does not have any income tax. Residents also are not required to pay estate taxes or inheritance taxes. Wyoming is often recognized as one of the most favorable places to live in terms of low tax liability.

The schools are highly rated

Families with children love living in Jackson because they feel confident about where they are sending their children to school. Jackson Hole High School is considered to be one of the best high schools in the entire state of Wyoming. The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 13 to 1, which is quite low for a public school. This ensures that teachers can provide students with the one-on-one attention they need to excel in each of their studies. 95% of students at Jackson Hole High will graduate, with many attending prestigious universities such as the University of Wyoming and Montana State University. Many Jackson Hole High students enroll in AP classes and regularly report high SAT and ACT scores. The school also does a superior job of hanging onto its teachers, evidenced by the fact that nearly 85% of its faculty has been in their current position for more than two years.

It’s not overly crowded

Despite the popularity of Jackson, it rarely feels like it’s becoming overcrowded or growing at a rate that is too fast. The city is growing steadily each year while still maintaining a suburban feel. The population has risen less than 2% over the past five years. It seems unlikely that the pace would pick up much more than where it currently stands in the short-term future.

The restaurant scene is excellent

You’ll probably develop a strong appetite after so much time spent outside exploring. When you get hungry, Jackson offers plenty of delicious restaurants for you to choose from. No matter what sort of food you’re in the mood for, you’re guaranteed to find something you enjoy in Jackson. Bin22 is a popular spot for lovers of Italian food and fine wines. They also have a fantastic selection of Spanish-style tapas. If you prefer Southern-style comfort food, give Virginian Restaurant a try. They are known for their chicken fried steak served alongside country-style gravy.

Cons of living in Jackson

The cost of living is high

You’ll save money on taxes but spend quite a bit to purchase a home in the area. Home prices have grown exponentially over the last two years. Depending on the current state of the market, you may struggle to find homes priced below $1 million. The average cost of living in Jackson is several thousand dollars higher than the average throughout the state of Wyoming as well as the nation as a whole.

The winters can get cold

The summers in Jackson are fantastic. Average high temperatures range from 63 to 82 degrees between the months of May and September. Jackson residents love the pleasant summers, but it can sometimes feel like winter will never end. December and January are the coldest months of the year, with average high temperatures of only 28 degrees. You’ll also experience average lows of five degrees during the month of January. Jackson Hole is beautiful and has plenty of exciting things to do outside, but most people have no desire to take advantage of these opportunities during the wintertime.

Traffic is sometimes a problem

Many people vacation in Jackson Hole during the summertime, which can create a logjam for year-long residents who simply need to get to work. Delays are also common during the winter when people head into town for powder skiing. The city certainly appreciates the income that tourism brings in and how it positively impacts the local economy, but the traffic is certainly a downside.

Conclusion: is Jackson right for you?

Now that you know a little more about what life in Jackson is like, you can decide whether the area is compatible with your desired lifestyle and community. If you enjoy spending time outside and don’t mind dealing with cold winters and the occasional traffic jam, perhaps Jackson is the place for you. If you would rather spend your time in a warmer climate or live somewhere that is less popular for tourists, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

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