Residential Real Estate

Tom Evans has not only listed and sold hundreds of homes in Teton County, Wyoming, but has also been involved in the design and construction of many homes in the valley, giving him a unique appreciation for market pricing and cost.

  • Successful listings include homes and condos ranging from $100,000 to $19,000,000
  • Experience designing and developing homes for personal use and speculation

Vacant Land

Tom’s listings include some of the most desirable vacant land parcels the valley has to offer. Past projects have included subdivision and boundary adjustment and re-sale development, most notably in the case of the BAR BC Ranch. His long experience working in Jackson Hole and Teton County allow him to easily navigate land development laws, covenants, and restrictions, optimizing the value of each individual parcel.

  • Experience in development and sales of properties ranging from $35,000 to $100,000,000, including construction of individual homes and subdivision of larger parcels

Ranch Properties

Tom’s extensive experience listing some of the most select ranch properties in Jackson Hole and Teton County—including the Goosewing Ranch in the Gros Ventres Mountains, the BAR BC, and the Hansen/Mead Ranch in Spring Gulch—make him the perfect choice for a prospective buyer or seller in this coveted market. A father and husband, Tom appreciates the unique familial ties that influence the sale and purchase of ranch properties, and encourages the inclusion of family members in these decisions.

  • Tom’s prior ranch listings reflect his land conservation values, and run from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000, including the Teton County record-breaking Bar BC and the recent sale of the Four Springs Ranch listed at $53,000,000.
  • Educated in ranch values as well as the benefits of land conservation and preservation of wildlife

Commercial Development

Commercial real estate remains one of the more challenging and rewarding aspects of the Jackson Hole market, and Tom Evans has had great success selling and developing a variety of properties. Prior projects include office buildings, commercial strip centers, and leasing commercial spaces. His familiarity with capitalization rates and appraisals has helped Tom properly economize expenses, insurance, and the streamline the tenant-landlord relationship. Buyers and sellers alike will benefit from Tom’s expertise and experience in this competitive and valuable market arena.

  • Experience selling commercial property from $600,000 to $16,500,000
  • Past projects include development of light industrial properties, self-storage units, office space, and commercial-retail centers.

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The Tom Evans & Ashley DiPrisco Real Estate Team team’s years of Jackson Hole real estate experience translate into unparalleled institutional knowledge and privileged relationships that will ensure unmatched results. Contact us today to learn more about Jackson Hole Real Estate or to request more information.

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