February To Do's in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole in February is bustling with activity during the height of the winter season. Enthusiasts from around the globe converge on the town to revel in its snowy delights, particularly the thrilling skiing opportunities. Yet, even for those not inclined towards skiing, there's an abundance of experiences awaiting. Embracing the wintry landscape is essential, and this guide offers alternatives to mountain pursuits for outdoor enjoyment. Additionally, immersing oneself in the charm of the town is highly recommended. In winter, the town square bursts with festive ambiance, adorned with twinkling Christmas lights and an inviting ice skating rink, while visitors leisurely explore the array of shops and dining establishments. For those planning a visit this month, here are the top activities to indulge in while in Jackson Hole in February:



As you explore Jackson Hole, you'll quickly notice the expansive Elk Refuge just beyond the town limits. This vast area serves as a winter sanctuary for thousands of elk. Amidst the refuge, the elk roam and rest majestically, creating a breathtaking sight. To witness them up close, there's only one option: a sleigh ride. Visitors are whisked away in horse-drawn sleighs for an intimate encounter with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. For further details on sleigh rides and booking information, click here.



While much of Yellowstone closes its gates to the public during winter, there's still a way to venture in: guided tours. These meticulously organized excursions utilize buses with snow tires and snowcats to transport visitors into the heart of Yellowstone. Embarking on one of these tours offers a rare opportunity to witness the park's natural wonders draped in snow. From iconic geysers to expansive valleys and abundant wildlife, you'll encounter Yellowstone's highlights in a truly unforgettable setting. If you find yourself in Jackson Hole, don't miss the chance to explore Yellowstone, just an hour's drive north of town. Secure your spot on a winter tour of Yellowstone National Park here: Scenic Snow Safaris Snowcoach Tour.



If downhill skiing isn't your thing, there are still plenty of ways to embrace the snowy outdoors. Among the top options are snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Rental equipment is readily available, allowing you to embark on various groomed trails around town or within the park. For an unparalleled experience, head to Grand Teton National Park. Once inside the park, driving is permitted only for a short distance until the road closes. This is where you can step out and traverse a groomed trail on snowshoes or skis. Here, amidst breathtaking mountain vistas and pristine snowscapes, you might even have the chance to spot some wildlife!



At the heart of Downtown Jackson Hole lies the bustling Town Square, serving as a hub for shops, eateries, art galleries, and various attractions. During the winter season, the square transforms with the addition of an inviting ice skating rink. Dedicate a day or afternoon to discovering the enchanting atmosphere of downtown Jackson Hole. Stroll along, peruse the storefronts, drop into intriguing shops, and savor the flavors of local cuisine at nearby restaurants. For an entertaining evening, whether it's a romantic date or a family outing, don't miss the opportunity to catch a show at The Jackson Hole Playhouse.



Experience the thrill of dog sledding with excursions that allow you to ride alongside (and even lead!) a team of sled dogs. In the Jackson Hole Iditarod Dog Sled adventure, you'll journey through picturesque forests to reach a natural hot spring. After a refreshing dip and a satisfying lunch, you'll embark on the return journey. The dogs themselves are the true stars of this expedition. Witnessing their seamless transition from kennel life to sled pulling, and observing their strong bond with each other, is truly awe-inspiring. February presents an ideal opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Jackson Hole. To learn more visit https://jhsleddog.com/.


These top activities ensure that your visit will be filled with cherished memories of both the mountains and the charming town of Jackson.



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