Enough said? Maybe not just yet….

Can we say enough about 2013 in terms of how strong the real estate market has been?  Clearly not yet – Jackson Hole News And Guide’s Ben Graham recently touted the dramatic increase in building activity that took place in 2013 in Jackson Hole.  Commercial permits jumped in value from $6.68 million in 2012 to a whopping $31.25 million in 2013.  County residential permits rose to $184.53 million in 2013 from $106.76 million in 2012.  Even the Town of Jackson saw an increase in residential building activity and evidence of that can be seen all over the streets of East Jackson, whether in the shape of additions, new construction or re-development of older properties.  With noticeable gains in the commercial sector in the Town of Jackson and in residential building in the County, the take-away here is that activity has been booming.  Underlying these numbers is a sense of confidence in the Jackson Hole market.  From expanding local businesses to new projects like Walgreens, investors and homemakers are finding the comfort they need to put their money in Jackson Hole.  Contact Tom Evans Real Estate if we can help you with your real estate needs.