What You Need to Know When Relocating to Jackson Hole

Relocating to a new place can be an exciting adventure. If you’re moving far enough, the climate, culture, and opportunities can be entirely different than where you currently spend your days. A relocation into Jackson Hole, Wyoming can mean a new way of life, but in tons of positive ways that you might not already be aware of.

While some people get Jackson Hole and Jackson confused, all you have to remember is that Jackson is a town within the great area known as Jackson Hole. The area has a long history that began with Native Americans spending warmer months in the valley. Fur trappers coming into the valley in the later 1800s gave the area its name. The small town of Jackson, with population a little over 10,000 people, sits at the center, while the smaller communities of Kelly, Wilson, Moose, Teton Village and Moran span across the valley’s impressive, mountainous expanse.

When you think about Wyoming, you might not immediately bring to mind bustling modern businesses, fine dining restaurants, and a vibrant art community. Still, all of these things are found in Jackson Hole. What makes it unique is that Jackson Hole also offers tremendous access to wildlife, hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing trails, gorgeous natural features, and a western vibe, small town feel that will charm anyone.

What Can You Expect from Jackson Hole’s Weather?

Jackson Hole is an area that has a distinct four seasons, so residents get to enjoy flowers blooming in spring, a bit of summer sunshine, leaves changing color in the fall, and plenty of snow in winter months. Temperatures can range from below zero in December and January to nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit when summer rolls around.

The spring and fall are both a bit milder with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, although spring can sometimes bring with it a few late season snowfalls. Autumn can also dip between warmer and colder temperatures throughout the season.

How Many People Live in Jackson Hole?

The latest census estimate from 2019 shows that Teton County has a population of 23,464, but the area is also a hotspot for tourist activity. In summer, visitors want to come to see Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, while winter brings out those who want to ski and snowboard down towering mountains.

It’s estimated that about three million people visit the Jackson Hole area each year to enjoy nature, wildlife, athletics, recreation, and small town charm. It’s a location that has something for everyone, whether their passion is art, animals, sports, or something entirely different.

How Many Medical Centers Are in Teton County, Wyoming?

While Jackson Hole might be small in population and size, that doesn’t mean you’ll ever need to go without proper medical care. The community has a selection of urgent care clinics like St. John’s Family Health & Urgent Care and Jackson Whole Family Health to take care of mild and moderate injuries and illnesses.

For emergency situations, St. John’s Medical Center is available. It’s also open at all hours so you can visit even in the late night if medical care is required. The area has a vast number of diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services to help manage residents’ mental and physical health without needing to go to a larger city.

Is Jackson Hole a Pet-Friendly Location?

If you’re relocating into Jackson or one of the other communities nearby with your family, it’s essential that all members of the family are happy with the decision. For anyone who has a cat, dog, reptile, or bird, that means ensuring you can get everything you need to keep your pet healthy and feeling well.

Thankfully, Jackson Hole is an outstanding location for people who own pets. Those with dogs will find their pets love the outdoor recreation just as much as their people do. With rivers to swim in, fields to dig in, and mountains to trek up, it might be the best move ever from a canine perspective.

Even if your pet isn’t a dog, all the necessities are available from pet supply stores for food, beds, bowls, and treats to veterinarians who can do check-ups to ensure your pet is healthy. The area also has many dog-friendly hiking areas just waiting to be discovered. Jackson Hole has it covered when it comes to pets and what they need in a new location.

What Schools Are Located in Jackson Hole?

Both public and private schools are located in Jackson Hole with a wide selection of public elementary schools, a single middle school, and one high school. Many children in the area receive bilingual English/Spanish learning where Spanish and English speaking students are integrated to improve all of their language skills. All of the public schools in the area come highly rated and offer quality education.

Private schools are also present and range from a traditional liberal arts education at Jackson Hole Classical Academy to a challenging educational environment for keen students at Jackson Hole Community School. Journeys School of the Teton Science Schools, with it’s unique outdoor immersive education and place based learning model, is the only private institution to take children of all grades.

Are There Preschools and Daycares in Jackson Hole?

Families can rest easy, knowing there are a variety of daycares and childcare services in the community to meet your needs. Options include full-day preschools, in-home daycare, half-day preschool, and other services from private and public businesses.

One of the most utilized options is the Children’s Learning Center, which is operated by the county and serves those in both nearby Sublette County as well as Teton County. Services for children as young as six weeks are available, along with a selection of preschool programs. Other options include the Montessori School of the Tetons, Sweet Peas, LLC, and Little Explorer’s Preschool.

Some of the preschools in the area are religion-based and offer church-affiliated daycare, including Bright Beginnings Preschool and Little Lambs Preschool. The area also has many established babysitting and nanny placement services to support parents looking for help. Jackson Hole Nannies offers babysitting, nanny placement, overnight care, running errands, and pet sitting.

What Recreational Activities and Sports Are in Teton County?

Sports teams, activities, and recreational organizations are littered across Jackson Hole and offer opportunities for those of all ages. The Teton County Recreation Center and the Art Association of Jackson Hole are just two of the many options to improve skills and learn more about interests you might have. The area houses Teton County Library, where you can check out books and other items, as well as several dance schools for children.

When it comes to sports, the one that is most synonymous with Wyoming is skiing, although the resorts in the area also offer snowboarding and other winter sports. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has opportunities for those three years and up and offers discounted passes and lesson pricing in August each year.

The public schools in Jackson Hole offer a variety of sports, as do outside public and private businesses. Youth hockey, football, soccer, and basketball are available in the area, as is swimming, lacrosse, and gymnastics. The recreation center includes a water slide, lap pool, and children’s pool and has swimming lessons for those who are at least six months of age.

With natural wonders, a considerable number of types of wildlife, many healthcare facilities, and excellent schools, Jackson Hole is an excellent place for a relocation. Now that you know what you can expect, you can start your journey with the knowledge required for a successful transition. It might turn out that this has been the right location for you and your family all along.