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Ely Springs

South of Jackson

Driving west and south from Jackson, the roads narrow and the pace mellows.

The Snake River meanders through tall stands of cottonwood trees, enjoying its lack of boundaries before being hemmed in by the relentless mountains to the south. Removed from what little traffic there is in Jackson Hole, Ely Springs is a quiet, forested retreat—a neighborhood through which herds of elk take their leave from the high country during winter and where Trumpeter Swans are normal visitors.
Ely Springs’ real appeal is in its understated beauty. Many of these homes and properties were built before Jackson Hole was “discovered,” residents enjoy a feel for the valley that is unique amongst its many neighborhoods. With the Snake River just a spirited hike away, Ely Springs can be the place whereby your soul is restored, realizing Norman Maclean’s very words.
Let Tom Evans and his team connect you to this quiet, idyllic haven.

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