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Dairy Ranches

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The Dairy Ranches—so named for its onetime role as a cattle ranch—is one of the rare developments in Jackson Hole.

This neighborhood separates some of the long-standing housing areas in Jackson Hole (Cottonwood) from some of the newer, more affluent regions of the valley, areas like 3 Creek Ranch and Ely Springs.

For horse enthusiasts, Dairy Ranches is a region of the valley with unparalleled appeal, as many of the properties support or already feature horses. Watered by the meandering path of Spring Creek, this 525-acre subdivision features a mere 23 lots, and non-thoroughfare roads guarantee a measure of solitude difficult to find on a property so conveniently located to Jackson, Teton Village, Wilson, and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. As the sun sets over Glory Bowl to the west, residents of Dairy Ranches can revel in the beauty of their own special piece of Jackson Hole.

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