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Bar BC Ranch

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In a valley filled with historical sites, the Bar BC Ranch is one of the most storied.

Originally founded by Struthers Burt and Horace Carncross, the Bar BC became one of the valley’s first “Dude Ranches”—one-time working cattle ranches that morphed into destinations for wealthy tourists. Struthers Burt not only homesteaded and founded the Bar BC Ranch, but wrote of his experiences in Diary of a Dude Wrangler.

The Bar BC Ranch properties were purchased and developed under the careful stewardship of the Hillwood Development Corporation and divided into unique parcels of 35 to 50 acres. Residents of these properties will find themselves connected to Jackson Hole in a manner unlike any other in the valley. These West Gros Ventre Butte properties afford alpine sightlines to the Tetons, Gros Ventre, Mount Leidy Highlands, Jackson Peak, and Snake River Range. The Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers course through the lower portions of the property, inviting chance encounters with wildlife and first-class fly-fishing.

Let Tom Evans, who successfully sold the overall property to the Hillwood Corporation and who has intimate knowledge of this land’s rich history and present configuration, be your liaison for this distinctive property.

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