Tom Evans Real Estate in Jackson Hole Compass

Jackson Hole Compass is the brain child of Jonathan Schechter, Jackson’s leading economist and purveyor of data, graphs and statistics.   Each year, the Jackson Hole Compass presents a comprehensive overview of the Jackson Hole community elaborating on topics such as the economy, demographics, politics and philanthropy. If you are in need of real estate statistics, market reports, […]

Travel to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole aims to put itself on the map as it develops its direct flight network to large metropolitan areas across the nation.  With direct flights in and out of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, JFK, Newark, LA, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle, Jackson Hole is now easily accessible and connected, a […]

Tom Evans Real Estate Welcomes New Associate

  Tom Evans Real Estate is happy to announce the addition of a new associate to its team of experts.  Valerie Conger comes to us from within the Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty family where she has practiced real estate for 13 years.  Her ethics and commitment to provide excellent customer service makes her a […]

Wall Street Journal Touts Jackson Hole’s Wonders

Rarely a month goes by without a writer from a major publication penning a gushing piece about their recent, often first, trip to Jackson Hole. This piece that ran in the Wall Street Journal this month was particularly descriptive of many of the region’s charms, with a great lead that really made us smile! By […]