Real Estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Areas of Expertise

Tom Evans has specialized in real estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 1986 and has experience working with buyers and sellers in all aspects of this market.


  • Successfully listed and sold residential homes/condos from $100,000 to $19,000,000
  • Experience designing and developing homes for personal use and speculation


Tom Evans has listed and sold hundreds of homes in Teton County, WY. Tom has been involved in the design/build process of many homes throughout the valley. Therefore, he understands the value of construction and replacement cost and can determine whether a property is priced properly in each selective market.


  • Experience selling vacant land from $35,000 to $100,000,000
  • Experience in land development ranging from designing/building a home on vacant land to creating subdivisions on large parcels


Tom represents some of the best vacant land parcels in the valley. He has worked with owners wanting to split off land or create boundary adjustments in addition to owners wanting to developing large tracts of land for re-sale like the BAR BC Ranch. He is very familiar with the land development regulations, the design and construction of the infrastructure, and the process to maximize the value of each parcel. He also understands how to implement covenants and restrictions to better maintain the value of each subdivision.


  • Experience selling ranches from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000
  • Educated in ranch values as well as the benefits of land conservation and preservation of wildlife


This is a very selective market and one should consider working with an agent who is experienced in this area. Tom has been involved in the sale of the Goosewing Ranch in the Gros Ventres, the BAR BC Ranch as well as the Hansen/Mead Ranch in Spring Gulch and the BAR B BAR Ranch north of Jackson on the Snake River. He currently has many ranch parcels listed for sale ranging from 35 acres to the 10,000 acre Antelope Run Ranch in Daniel, WY. Ranching is a Wyoming heritage and we take pride in working with the land owners to determine the highest and best use for their ranch. Family participation is strongly encouraged to help determine the long term goals of each property owner.


  • Experience selling commercial property from $600,000 to $8,000,000
  • Participation in the development of light industrial properties, self-storage units, professional office buildings and commercial-retail centers


This is an area of expertise that has become most challenging and most rewarding. In addition to selling multiple commercial properties ranging from office buildings to commercial strip centers, Tom has developed many commercial properties from the ground up. He understands the cost of construction and how to maximize the return on investment. He is familiar with capitalization rates and appraisals and how the two affect the values going forward. Tom also leases commercial spaces and therefore knows how to calculate common area expenses, taxes and insurance and make sure these items are discussed in each tenant landlord relationship. Whether buying/selling or leasing, Tom knows this market inside and out and can assist in determining the value of real estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.