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Shooting Star

As the merits of Jackson Hole’s western lifestyle are discovered by an ever growing number of visitors from around the world, the valley’s residential growth has recently yielded several unique developments, one of the most exciting of which is Shooting Star.

Shooting Star was developed on key real estate from a portion of the Crystal Springs and Snake River Ranches, the latter of which is one of the last remaining operational cattle ranches in the Jackson Hole Valley. To the north and west, Shooting Star is bookended by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Village’s various residential developments. Shooting Star’s conception was marked by environmental stewardship and conservation of the valley’s natural beauty highlighted by 1,300 acres which were committed to a conservation easement for preservation of open space values and views. These tenets remain a chief concern as home building continues, with only 100 sites available for development. Construction of Shooting Star’s luxurious cabins and single family homes has been carefully regulated, affording respect and protection for the natural environment to the greatest extent possible.

Shooting Star Cabin

For the golf enthusiast, Shooting Star’s Tom Fazio-designed course presents an irresistible opportunity to play under the towering gaze of the Teton Range. The course was deliberately located on the southern edge of the property, making for an unrestricted view of the valley, as well as appreciation of the solitude of the Snake River Ranch’s pastureland.

#12 Green

For anyone pursuing the myriad outdoor activities that Jackson Hole has to offer, Shooting Star is heaven-sent. The development is connected to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, offering both nordic and easy access to alpine skiing during the winter months, as well as mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, and horseback riding. Amenities within the property include member access to a fitness facility, pool, world-class spa and fine dining.

Opportunities like Shooting Star come along once in a lifetime—the chance to connect to a place’s spirit and beauty while enjoying all the amenities of elite, world-class accommodations. Shooting Star captures the idyllic feel of a western lifestyle while exercising the environmental respect and stewardship that have come to define Jackson Hole’s character.

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