Ashley DiPrisco

Born in Illinois, Ashley DiPrisco moved to Jackson as a small child with her family, and called Jackson Hole home until she graduated from Jackson Hole High School in 2001. She has watched the valley evolve from a quiet and remote natural paradise to the world-renowned destination it is today.

Ashley attended college at the University of North Carolina where she earned a degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish. Her business savvy and sharp eye were instrumental in managing multi-million-dollar digital marketing campaigns for a major online eyewear retailer for several years, experience that has given her great insight into sales and marketing, both online and off.

In addition to travelling extensively, Ashley is a proud military spouse of 12 years. With her husband, she has lived all over the United States—Georgia, Mississippi, California, New Jersey, Oklahoma and most recently Alaska. Ashley and her family have since returned to the valley they have always thought of as home to raise their two children surrounded by the very same beauty and wonder that nurtured them in their youth.

Ashley has joined forces with her father Tom Evans, and brings a wealth of experience and business know-how to Tom Evans Real Estate. Ashley’s unique combination of experience and perspective—always finding the right home for her young family makes her particularly well suited to guide you in your real estate search.

Since jumping into the real estate world with both feet, Ashley has been involved with the Teton Board of Realtors on the Events and Young Professionals Network committee. Ashley is also the President Elect and slated to be President in 2020. In her free time she holds a board position as Secretary of the Teton County Education Foundation.